New Director at Babies of Faith

Birth – 3 year olds ~ Nursery

Sunday 9:00am & 10:30am
Wednesdays 7:00pm

We provide a welcoming, safe, loving and nurturing environment that promotes and shares the love of Jesus through songs, prayer and fun activities that kids love.

Together we are making a lasting impact on these precious gifts from God. We believe every child is a vital part of our growing community of people who worship God and embrace people.

What do we know

We know that each of these children in our care is a gift from God. It is our responsibility to partner with you as parents in caring for the babies as they are introduced to the wonder of God’s love. We want to build on their eagerness to learn and their energy to explore by engaging them in making faith a part of everyday life.

What can I expect?

You can expect a safe, clean and fun place for your children. We have taken preventative steps to ensure the safety of every Bee. Background checks as well as applications with references are done on every volunteer before they are with your child. Beekeepers have been trained, are in love with Jesus, are loyal and consistent and will always welcome you and your little one with a smile. Prayer, songs, crafts and activities will create an environment that will ensure that your child not only hears about the love of Jesus but experiences that love as well.

What about relationships?

We value relationship! In Babies at Faith, our babies will learn that:

God loves me.

God made me.

Jesus is my forever friend.

It is our goal to partner with you as parents in teaching these basic principles to your children, helping children recognize their need for a personal relationship with Christ. We believe that what happens at home is as important as what happens at church.

What if I have questions?

That’s exactly why your Family@FAITH Team is here. Contact us at the church office at 810-743-0000.


CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of your new baby! You are beginning the phase when nobody sleeps, everybody smells and one mesmerizing baby convinces you “I need you now.” The greatest characteristic of this phase by far is just how much your baby needs you.

Baby Dedication is more than an event. It is an opportunity for you to take some time at the beginning of your journey as a parent to really think about what matters most. We believe that nobody will have a greater influence on your child than you! We want to be your biggest fans, your strongest supporters, and your trusted guide on this wonderful journey of parenting.

Please pick up your Baby Dedication registration packet at the church today.

Baby Dedication will take place beginning at 9 on first Sunday of each month. This celebration will end at the beginning of our 1030 service when your baby is dedicated by one of our Pastors.

Sign Up Today

(This event is not infant baptism.)