The Purpose Giver

What is the definition of “purpose”?

It is the reason for which someone is created. We were all created with a God-given purpose for this age and the age to come.

So how do we know what that purpose is? When we know God’s character as revealed through His word then we can get a clear picture of who He is and what He desires for us all.

What is that one thing that you have been trusting God for? That thing that burns in you to accomplish, to be, or to come to pass? This often is part of that purpose that God has given you.

Life can be difficult. Hard times come. Questions can overwhelm us. Prayers can seem to go unanswered. If your purpose seems like it is never going to be accomplished.

Don’t give up. Trust that the Purpose Giver is working all things together for your good  and the good of all of humankind. 

Written By: Pastor Jeff Ryal