What Did You Expect?

I remember learning the Ten Commandments in Sunday school. Most of them seemed pretty easy at the time. I had never even seen a graven image, and murder seemed pretty far-fetched. Of course, not bearing false witness was troublesome. I lied about eating the frosting off my sister’s birthday cake, and about taking the change from the change jar, and …well, you get the idea. Then puberty hit and I started to under-stand how troublesome all of the commands are. I began to realize that if this is what it takes to meet God’s expectations, then I’m in trouble. If I could not meet those expecta-tions, why even try? I think the slide started then. The realization began to dawn on me, “I’m a sinner.” And I lived like one.

I certainly did not consider Christmas to be the answer to my problem. Isn’t Christmas festive and happy and full of decorations and presents for little kids? But I did not know what Christ’s birth started. Jesus entered our world, my world. When he opened His eyes, it was in flesh like mine. When He hit puber-ty, he felt the same things I did. He lived in the same failed flesh that I have, and day-by-day, instead of listening to the demands of fallen flesh, He depended on the Spirit to carry out the mission of His Father starting from that night in Bethlehem. Every day Jesus took on the hellish world of fallen human existence, and wrenched it in line with what God intended until one day that led to the cross. The Ten Commandments met their match in Jesus. Jesus is the human life God intended, so that all of us can be “in Christ”!

Written By: Pastor Bruce Garner